Ahad, 12 Disember 2010

Rickshaw Stamp

In the days before automobiles, there were various modes of transportation that people in Malaysia used, in accordance to the prevalent needs and cultures. People from different races and cultures brought and introduced different kinds of transportation, but all with the same objective of getting to one place to another.


This trishaw originated from Parit Jawa, Muar, Johore. It is painted in green, red, black and yellow, the favourite colours of the era. The hood, made of canvas, can easily be opened or closed when necessary. The seat is made from coconut husk and is complete with a backrest. The trishaw can carry two adult passengers and one or two children.

30 sen Definitive Booklet - Kelantan 30 sen Definitive Booklet - Kelantan

Traditional Transportation 2004 Booklet

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