Ahad, 12 Disember 2010

Malaysian Made Vehicles - Gen 2

The proton's mark of pride found on every PROTON car features a snarling tiger, displaying strength and courage, and symbolizing the company's boldness of competing in the highly aggressive world of international automotive manufacturing. Of the 11 car-producing nations around the globe. Malaysia, the smallest and youngest car manufacturer can today proudly lay claim to having successfully produced a car from scratch in only 20 years, half the time taken by other well-established names in the motoring world The PROTON Gen-2 has concluded the full circle of the company's evolution - from car assembler to a full-fledged automotive engineering company thriving on Malaysian talent, innovation and technology- Its launch in February 2004 also marked the unveiling of the PROTON Platinum logo - the molten tiger - to signify premier products and services pledged to all customers of PROTON.

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