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Malaysian Cartoons - Lat

The younger generation of Malaysian youth will know Lat as the creator of the animation series, Kampung Boy that is shown on Astro Network. The 26-episode animation series from the cartoon book Kampung Boy that was published in 1979 is very popular ever since it was shown in 1998. This animation series is also shown over television in Canada and Germany, and has won The Best Animation Award in Annecy animation Festival, France in 1999.

On the other hand, the older generation knows Lat since the 1960's when he became the cartoonist for Berita Minggu newspaper. Since 1974 until today, Lat has been drawing his cartoons in the NST Newspaper.

This special edition Miniature Sheet on the cancellations of Stamp Week 2008 depicts the daily official cancellations used by Pos Malaysia for this event. This rare and special commemorative miniature sheet is preprinted with the words "TIDAK BOLEH DIURUSNIAGA" (NOT FOR SALE).

Purchasers of items from this issue will be entitled to one of these sheets with compliments from Filatelic.Com subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) Purchases must be more than USD50

2) First come first serve basis

3) Subject to availability of stock.

4) Each customer is entitled to only one sheet.

Malaysian Daily Life

The Miniature Sheet is printed using "silver colour printing" and features the scene of city life in Malaysia. The characters in this drawing are usually seen in Lat's cartoons consisting of children and adults from various races and each of them plays different roles depending on the story.

The Kampung Boy

The Kampung Boy, a cartoon book published in the 1970's is based on the life of it's creator, Malaysia's renowned cartoonist Dato' Mohd Nor Khalid also famously known as Lat. It tells the life story of a child born and raised in a typical Malaysian village in the 1950s and 1960s, according to the traditional Malay life, living in harmony with nature. The cartoon portray the lighter side of family life, school and home-made games in a rural environment.

Home-made Games

Riding the upih pinang (pinang frond) was one of the most memorable games in the good old days which brought fun and laughter, especially to those who were "passengers". There were a lot more do-it-yourself games played by the children of yesteryears that are featured in another book titled "Kampung Boy - Yesterday and Today"

The Fierce Teacher

One of the favourite and well known characters of Lat's cartoon is Mrs. Hew, Lat's strict teacher. Students of yesteryear were very afraid of their teachers, who played a major role in educating the children. In real life, Mrs. Hew, who is very pretty unlike the cartoon drawing, was one of the many teachers who gave encouragement to Lat to pursue his interest in art as well as to improve the quality of his drawings.

Town Boy

Town Boy tells the story about a group of youths and the friendship they shared although they were from different racial and cultural background. It was in fact the different background but same interests that made them become close friends, thus creating funny situations. In Town Boy, it was music that brought Mat and Frankie together.

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