Selasa, 14 Disember 2010

Lady Diana and Prince Charles Wedding Stamps

The Royal wedding between between Lady Diana and Prince Charles on 29th considered as Wedding of the twenteenth century.Eventhough the end of this marriage was tragic and anti -climax the marriage of Lady Diana was always remembered as her funeral.Both of the events made big impact through out the world.Lady Diana most remembered person.

During this marriage several countries released lot of postal articles like commemorative stamps,First-day covers,Stamp booklets,Omnibus-stamps ect.They are very beautiful and collectors delight.Britain is famous for thier specialisation in postage stamps.They released beutiful stamps,booklet,firstday covers ect.

In the booklet they gave details about Prince Charles and Lady Diana and thier family tree.In that we understand both of them are from same family root.

Apart from Britain other countries like Ascension Island,Barbados,Bermuda,Brunei,Caymen Island,Falkland Island and Dependency,Falkland

Island,Fiji,Gambia,Hongkong,Lesotho,Mauritius,Norfolk Island,Pitcairn Island,St.H

elena,Samoa,Sierra leone,Solomon Islands,Swaziland,Tristan da cunha,Vanuatu,British Virgin Islands,Jersey,Gurensey,Isle of Man,Anguilla,Aus

tralia,Cocos (Keeling) Islands,Cook Islands,Aitutaki,Penrhyn,Cyprus,Gibraltar,New Zealand,Niue,Antigua,Ghana,Jamaica,Saint Lucia,Kenya,Tonga,Nevis,ect.

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